Family Reunion Hut
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Setup Fee

If we use our own mascots we WE DO NOT CHARGE A SETUP FEE.  If you supply artwork, we may charge a setup fee depending on the quality of the artwork. As follows:

1. print-ready, meaning we can use as is– no charge (usually a high resolution JPG or vector file)

2. 10 minute retouch job – $15.00 (artwork needs a bit of correction here and there, but for the most part it’s fine)

3. if we need to totally redo the artwork – $25.00

4. if you need us to design from scratch – $50.00 / hour.

5. if you plan on submitting scanned yearbook pages (entire pages), we will charge an additional $25.00/hour formatting fee; however the first hour is FREE. So, for small reunions with less than 50 in attendance, you will not be charged as one hour is typically all we need.

If we need to charge a setup fee, we will bill you separately following checkout. For questions regarding our setup fees, please contact us.

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