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Question: 1. Do you plan class reunions?
Answer: No, we are not class reunion planners, but we have worked with many nationwide and can recommend a planner for you. If you need a planner check out The National Association of Reunion Planners website (NARM). 

Question: 2. What’s your product turnaround time?
Answer: Generally speaking with need only 7 – 14 days to complete an order, please click and read Shipping & Delivery policy.

Question: 3. Do you sponsor class reunions?
Answer: In general, no we do not sponsor; however we do from time-to-time have excess stock and have been known to donate these items. So… in short, it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Question: 4. How do you get our yearbook images for class reunion name tags?
Answer: We need you to scan and upload the images to us. After checkout, you will be directed to a page on our website where you upload files. Please download guidelines below for more details. The first download is for submitting entire scanned yearbook pages, the second one is for submitting individual yearbook images. If you upload entire scanned yearbook pages, we may charge an additional setup fee.

Class Reunion Name Tags – Scanned Yearbooks

Class Reunion Name Tags – Saved Seperate Images

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